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Acquiring independence and freedom, triumphing over fear and adversity, and achieving success and recognition has changed my life-and myself-and brought me great joy!!! This can happen to you too!

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I know that people, including myself, talk a lot about wanting to change and do more for themselves in life, but sometimes that's all that happens is talking about it. True motivation comes from knowing that the time to talk is over and the time to start living your words is here. Life is short and time is precious, so the time to  get motivated and face your "impossibles" is now! 



Your Greatest Self.

I believe we all have a special power within ourselves that we don't even know exists...and if you can find that power, I believe you can overcome any obstacle that life has thrown into your path. If you believe in yourself, you can turn all the "impossibles" into "possibles". IF you BELIEVE in YOURSELF.

The inspiration and motivation I encourage comes from real life happenings that people experience everyday and  can relate to in their own lives.  I have touched thousands of people just like you. If you believe anything is possible....


...Jin's ability to face adversity head on, starting at a young age, should be a testament to everyone. With the odds against him, being reared in a Korean orphanage, Jin found the strength within to survive.  This strength would prove itself once again when he found himself in a brand new country not knowing the language or the people who he would grow to call his parents.  Not only has Jin survived life, but he has become quite successful.  Jin's perseverance and survivor mentality is what inspires me most.....


Tracy Emrick


..Life presents itself everyday and it's how we respond to those sometimes trivial, sometimes monumental presentations that defines us.  Jin's life is testament to that.  His can-do/will-do  attitude, coupled with such genuine enthusiasm is never before seen.  To say that I'm inspired by his life story is an understatement.  Jin is a living inspiration...


Jin Stearns, Owner

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