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What is motivation? How do you get it?

And how do you motivate others?

Students, employees, and the unemployed or challenged can aspire to do more; to pursue compelling careers and goals, and benefit from an ambitious, intense speaker who can set them on the right path to achieve and realize their full potential and what possibilities lie ahead. 

Activating your team to be more productive can truly be challenging. You want them to have more drive, a better outlook, and accomplish more for your organization-- and themselves. You've tried everything to galvanize and impassion them-from pep talks to incentives, yet that spark is still not there.

Just as you've hired the best for each position in your company, it only makes sense to bring a professional speaker to inspire and motivate each one to achieve his personal best. 

I have more than 15 years experience working with large groups and one-on-one to excel in jazzing individuals up in a way that is entertaining and exciting,but most importantly, EFFECTIVE! I understand how motivation comes from within, and know how to bring it out in others. 

Private Life Coaching

Seminars & Workshops


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