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"You have been an inspiration to me since the first time I met you, you had a sense of yourself I had never seen in anyone. As I got to know you and learned of everything you had to overcome in your life, it was then I decided to change my life, and I have NEVER been happier or closer to my family. Thank you Jin. I will be waiting to read your book..... "

Susan Garrett

Dear Jin,
Since our paths have crossed, and you introduced your "Lost Seoul" book to me and Jennah, Our lives have been changed forever. Yes...YOU have made an impact on our lives. We both have read the book, not once, but several times and have shared it with friends and family. So much, in fact, that one day you might have a line outside We cannot even begin to express our appreciation for meeting you and sharing the book with us. How special you have made us feel. You are truly a genuine person and as I said before, an Angel sent from heaven. We feel very blessed to have met you and a friendship that we will cherish forever. The book was phenomenal! You were right...we laughed, we cried, we held our breath, we sighed, we couldn't put the book down. Your lost childhood can never be replaced and yet you perservered into adulthood. You really have awakened many children to think differently and appreciate life. So many times in your childhood, you could have went in the wrong direction and the fact that you did not, gives us all a better sense that God is very near to us all the time, as long as we believe in him.
Jennah has used your life examples repeatedly with her friends to reassure them that they have a lot to be thankful for and that worse things could happen in life. You are touching and changing lives everyday through your story. That is what Angels do. Best Wishes...


Todd, Sharon, Jerrod & Jennah James


...In my entire career, I have never come across a motivator as impactful as Jin.  He has a way of delivering messages and inspiring people that can reach all members of even the most diverse audiences.  He also has the unique ability to deliver even the toughest message in a positive way.  Jin has truly helped motivate me to always give it my all - both professionally and personally...

Michael Alayamini


 ..Through out my life I've been fortunate enough to come in contact with some great people.  Jin is one of them.  His life story of success and beating the odds truly motivates and inspires me not only in the business world but in my everyday life as well..

Kevin K.

..After hearing Mr. Stearns' journey through life, I now realize I have 5 more innate senses..courage, perseverance  determination, fortitude, and will...

Mark Umphrey



. Jin Stearns is a true example of the word inspiration.  He is an amazing leader and knows exactly how to motivate people when they need it the most.  His character and attitude are second to none.  It is truly amazing to hear Jin's life story and to be around the person that he has become.  He has been given many obstacles in life and he never let that bring him down.  Jin has inspired many and I am proud to say that I am one of them....

Tiffany Prykuda



..Jin is without question the most inspirational man I have ever met.  The events of his childhood are poignant at best, but the way he lives his life on a daily basis is truly motivating.  Jin's zest for life is contagious; you cannot be with him and not be changed.....

Jeff Cline


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